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Valerio Veneruso

Colchester / Venezia

I think that one of the fundamental roles of an artist or designer is to conceive the inconceivable, thus to have the ability to create something new and unthinkable. Taking part to this project is therefore a great opportunity not only to learn new techniques but also to use appropriated tools to produce with in the future. This is the basis for earning the ability to stimulate and grow even more my mind. We’re living in a very connected era in which everything is capable to influence not only our lives, but also the collective imaginary itself by the interaction of a lot of new forms of expression. Being able to understand these mechanisms better is one of my main goals. I aim to explore the connections between people through different approaches and methods. I find this to be an opportunity for me to learn different technologies to incorporate in the projects and works that I will produce. Hybridizing multiple skills and languages, such as vector graphics and video art, is the modus operandi of my research. In my artistic practice, in fact, I usually assemble objects and other elements capable of creating something homogeneous and engaging for the viewer. Being able to learn through new technologies (such as 3D printing) can be really useful for me in the production of books, objects and artworks. In this way the glitches that are often depicted on my wallpapers, for example, may come to life becoming tangible elements, some grafts to implement my site specific installations. My attention to post-internet aesthetics leads me to also explore the limitations of machines to make mistakes, thus to create wrong objects and, once again, something unpredictable and not conceived. To conclude, I genuinely believe this experience to be essential to grow and create a network of contacts at the same time.